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An unmissable destination for wine tourism in the Pic Saint Loup,
Château Montel offers you the chance to discover one of the last authentic vineyards of the region.


At one with the exceptional site of Château Montel, l'Écomusée offers a space that is conducive to discovery and reflection.
The museographical programme is based on the articulation of the two permanent and linked areas: the museum and the working ancestral vineyard. These two complimentary approaches will give you an insight into the heart of our region and its charm.
The Château museum is part of the rich historical heritage of the Pic Saint Loup. The family collections present an intimate vision of this history.

Live the adventure of Château Montel :
What is its secret ?
What mysteries are hidden there ?
How many centuries of cultivation are there in a glass of wine ?...

Immerse yourself in the legendary Pic Saint Loup, yesterday’s aspirations for tomorrow's winemaker.

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