Pic Saint Loup



Célibataires, en couple ou entre amis venez partager cette soirée spéciale au Château Montel. Autour d’un cocktail, découvrez notre univers vigneron : Vins du Pic Saint Loup ou de Saint Drézéry, caves, écomusée…, et le trésor du Château Montel.

Tarif : 23€/personne

"Immersion in a Mediterranean landscape,
reminiscent of the Impressionists"

On the doorstep of Montpellier, the domain Château Montel stretches from the arid Mediterranean plains to the hills of the Languedoc hinterland.

Housed in buildings dating from the 19th century, the storeroom as well as the winemaking, barrel and bottling cellars are located in the heart of the small village of Teyran. The domain is family owned and has retained the ancestral traditions that have been developed since Roman occupation.

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Le Château

"You reveal the riches of our terroirs...

...demanding age-old savoir-faire and unrivalled mastery."

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At the very top of the hills work has been carried out on an unprecedented scale to upgrade the best parcels.
All the flavours are extracted from the vineyard to give our wines the potential and the typicity of their terroir.


"Each bottle bears the stamp of our personality,
a reflection of our history and a promise of authenticity."



An experience in the field of winemaking that dates back centuries and a perfect knowledge of each parcel has allowed us to create remarkable wines, ancestral "recipes" that are closely guarded family secrets.
Each step in the creation of our wines, from the vine to bottling on the estate, uses traditional methods.

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"Discover the essence of our vineyards, with each vintage offering its own particular experience."


Harvested from three appellations, the grapes produce wines that evoke their proud origins :

Le Sommet du Pic Saint Loup La Noblesse du Saint Drézéry

Le Languedoc Médiéval

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